Twinkas Registration & How It Works In Nigeria – Get 300% For Login & Sign Up –

Twinkas Registration & How It Works – Get 300% For Login & Sign Up – Another money making machine programme has emanated in Nigeria and this time, we have the name called twincas. TWINCAS is a Peer to Peer Donation and Mutual aid fund scheme for member to help other members in an efficient way.

How Does Twinkas Nigeria Works?

TwinKaS work as Mmm but not actually like Mmm because you will get 200% return in any amount you offer. A sweet part of it is that there are no obligations to force members to join your down-line. No spillover business.

The system was designed to work with you. So do not ask people to return before you can pay.

When you enter, you will need to donate the sum of either N5000, N10,000, N20,000 or N50,000 to fellow gently placed through the system, or a direct link will ensure free, and then the system will automatically put 2 other registered people under the spillovers that will pay you enter the amount of any bank account, 200% (ie 200% of N5,000 N10,000, 200% of N10,000 N20,000, 200% of N20,000 N40,000 200% of N50,000 N100,000).

Click here to join twikas now

Get 300% for Login & Sign Up

You can also use the link to invite members to earn more money in the E-Wallet. After you have received payment from 2 people under you, then, the system will automatically Exit and allows unlimited registered in a package you choose.
All donations are made directly to the merchant bank account. Share your link to people and make the world a better place.
Twinkas is serious work to the extent that once you open your account, you just 24hours to make you pay or the system will delete immediately

Twinkas packages

5000 TO GET 10000 [THAT IS 200% example. X2 OF THE money awarded
10000 TO GET 20000 [THAT IS 200% Standard. X2 OF THE money awarded
20000 TO GET 40000 [THAT IS 200% example. X2 OF THE money awarded
50000 TO GET 100000 [THAT IS 200% example. X2 OF THE money awarded

How to Register Twinkas Nigeria

Before you join / create account with twinkas sure you can make your payments that you are released and the system will take you, after 24 hours.
1. to register Click here to create your winKaS account, click Create Your Account Now in a new page will open, and then select the level you want to start by clicking the sign up on the list level you want.


  1. After a new page where you can fill your details will open. After filling all the details, click Create Account and you’re done 
  2. before you can see that you pay, you must choose a package, so just scroll down on Twinkas ahead and click on the Join now a package for you to see that you pay.

 Click here to join twikas now



  1. Pls they not match me with the person to pay me

  2. I have paid to my sponsor but I can’t log in to upload teller. What she I do?

  3. i have paid 2 my sponsor 2week ago. but he didnt activate me. pls what cn i do

  4. Nwaru geraldine says

    I paid in 5000 since 17th of January till now nobody has paid me. what is the problem ?

  5. tajudeen ayinde says

    I am finding it difficult to register

  6. How can I joined?

  7. Olaiya Lawrence says

    please sir, am I the sister but, I personally want 2 bring him and her friend 2 the system. Sir, how do I register them on my own link, please. How do I become a sponsor?

  8. Afolabi abayomi says

    I’ve been a sponsor of 20k since on the 28th of January and I’ve not gotten a referral to pay me up till now. Though,I know it’s between 21 days but the problem I’m having now is,I can’t even login into my account. Pls what’s the problem and do I need to register people under me before I can be paid? I need a swift response. Thanks and God bless!!!

  9. Admin pls what is ur contact number?

  10. Nnadozie chizoba Joyce says

    Pls can use one account and do twnika for two times or more than

  11. Desmond Onyebuchi ebonyi says

    My wallet is showing zero amount even as I have paid the amount I was asked to pay. Is that how it is surposed to be or is anything wrong,?

  12. Adinnu Chidinma says

    Please I just discovered that there is a mistake in my account number. How do I change it?

  13. 2 people were given to lay me since Monday 6th one pay and the other did not pay up till now that person that did not is still on my page and it is written activation in court .This has lasted for over 4 hrs nobody has been marched to pay me again what should I do ?

  14. I choose two different packages at the time but I can’t see the first package sponsor again, please how can I check for the two.

  15. I want to make payment on two different packages, please I need to know how to shift one package to another. Thanks

  16. Somebody pay to how do icofirm the person.

  17. I just activate now for 50000. Wen will I get my return?

  18. Sombody help the first time now i want to give help and i dont know how to do it

  19. Henry Nwokolo says

    I activated through a federal last Wednesday, when are my suppose to receive? Secondly, can I opt out from been under a referral and register direct? Thanks!

  20. please i just registered and i tried to call the sponsor i was told to pay to but his phone no is not going.i was advised not to pay . is there a way i will be matched with someone else and is it possible to open a new account and pledge something higher

  21. i was told to pay a sponsor but his no is not going. will my account be deleted if i dont make payments. is there a way i can create another account and pledge something higher

  22. Ajiva lubem says

    Good day. Please i paid 20k on my first donation. Now the system shows: Hello Ajiva Lubem, No Sponsor has being assigned to you yet. Please join a package.
    I called the receiver and he said he had confirmed me. Please why this message since i had joined a plan and paid the 20k?

  23. KALU chibuzo says

    I have paid on 50k and 10k package but have not been paid

  24. Eyagha Sunday E. says

    how do I transfer from my account to another, I have trying through the transfer log, but is not working

    • you dont transfer your account, rather you switch account and you can do that by viewing your dashboard and go to swicth account

  25. I have paid my donation since on 7th february and I have not been paid so when will I get my money

  26. have made payment since two weeks ago ,still no payment.

  27. Emmanuel Alfred says

    I was told that my return will come in seven working days from the day I pay in.

  28. I had made payment since 9th of Feb till now nobody paid me.Pls what is going on


  30. Uchechi asika says

    Please I have made my referral since on the 6th of February . Up till now nobody have been marched to pay me. Even my friend that we did together have been paid and she did another one. But i haven’t been paid why..

  31. Uchechi asika says

    I have paid my donation of #10,000 since on the 6th of February. Up till now nobody have been assigned to pay me why?

  32. I have paid 50k ssince on the 9th of febuary till now i have not been merge. Kindly assist

  33. I made payment since 2nd day of February but till now no one have been match to pay me. I have waited patiently, so pls do something.. Its taking too long

  34. Akpaja Victor says

    If my sponsor refuses to confirm me after I have paid him, and have even uploaded my proof of payment, will twinkas confirm me themselves or what am I to do?

  35. Please have you started paying those that did 50k on the 9th of febuary.

  36. Ambrose Dyenbak says

    pls i want 2 Reg. hw wil i go about it? n hw many days wil i be paid frm the day of my paidment?.

  37. Adediran Lukuman Babatunde says

    pls I pay someone on the 10th of February 2017 till now nobody is paying for me pls is any hope

  38. Ezekiel o says

    Hello, I had paid since February 2017 and up till now i have not been paid. please admin what is happening. Is there any hope and what can i do for me to be paid. I have not been given any sponsor since then. february to this time is about 5 months now.

  39. the twikas steel worket because I want regist
    er my 08145515720

  40. twikas your father, it will not be well with your scam program, fuck your stupid program, please people do not register into this scammer twikas, they are completely scam. don’t say I didn’t warn you, cause my 50k is till there from January.

  41. izuorah ogochukwu says

    u people haven’t paid my money since February why

  42. God will judge u people for taking my first salary of the year without paying me

  43. I have been a member since 2016, and i paid 5000, till today i haven’t been paid. I don’t really understand. How can i login to my account please.

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