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Ultimatecycler Registrations | Logins Details |Compensation Plan – Ultimatecycler is a financial forum worldwide that operates in a cycle unit between one community to the other and also for a particular country. Many people want to join ultimatecycler because of its generous donation. I call it an empowerment forum because you are to register with $25 and in return, you will get $100.  Logins Details |Compensation Plan – for one to participate in ultimatecycler compensation plan, you must join with someone who is already a member of ultimatecycler and this is made possible through the referral link of the person. To cut it very short, you can join here using my referral link to create your own account – http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/kendobaba -or- http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/anabel555. any of them can serve for the registration. Then you will now click on “join now” before you can proceed to the registrations. www.ultimateCycler.com is live and the requirements are to fill some of your personal information like first name, last name, your contact number, email address, before you can choose a user name and password. Then you will now click on the “I agree” box after selecting a matching code.

Ultimatecycler Registrations | Logins Details |Compensation Planwww.ultimateCycler.com

The” Get- Rich- Quick Scheme” has to do with compounding of effort through groups of people. UltimateCycler has five levels above the initial $25 entry-level and we can call them financial vehicle because they get you to where you want to go much faster. register now with this link  http://www.ultimatecycler.com/ref/perp850 What most members do is to take a portion of the profits and leverage it to the next higher level. Let’s go over it. You make *$100 with your filled $25 matrix. Take $25 to go back into the new purchase following your sponsor. Then take $50 (from profit) to upgrade to the $50    matrix still leaving $25 net. – Now you can make *$200 ($50X4) and duplicate the same system to go up to the $100 matrix thus earning *$400 ($100×4) and the $200 level which generates $800.

for quick registration, you can click here for easy access link….http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/samuel555

– The same happens at the *$400 Business Center. You make ($400X4) or $1,600. You take $400 of the profit to upgrade to the $800 Business Center which will generate    ($800X4) or a total of $3,200. – Note: As soon as a sale happens on your pay line of 4 people, you get paid. There is no waiting for it to fill up and “cycle” to get paid. This makes the process faster and ensures a    100% NET payout. – So how can you accelerate the process of making money? – The above is only one way to upgrade. If you want to be “ALL IN” and not wait to cycle before upgrading thus positioning yourself at the higher Business Centers faster, all you    need to do is be paid at a level and the system will allow you to upgrade to the next higher level.

the new ultimate cycler solution links ...http://www.ultimatecycler.com/ref/mims888



  1. Good

  2. orekwu christiana says

    hello, please my link has not been opening in my name and also to all my dowm lines. pls what is the becausebi heard the site network is now ok. but still i cannot login.

    • check your email box and get your original links and login daetails, try using link for registration will increase your payments

  3. how do I move to level 2 $50

  4. Okoli Anastasia says

    please someone registered me and yet my account didn’t open even though I paid

    • the person you paid to has not yet cleared his dept, you will view your account immidiately he has paid to others, just wait a little while

  5. my refferal link is different from the one in my email.


    Now, some people are scared that they might not be merged to be paid within one week after they must have paid theirs.
    Others says they might not have the time to bring people under them but they can do for themselves. Will their payment still be certain and consistent?
    I have gotten about 4 people under me and still counting, is there no extra bonus for these efforts?
    Lastly, I’ll plead that you work on your portals and network coz it’s sometimes frustrating.
    Pls reply.


  8. Bernard chinyere says

    I can’t seem to log in after I have paid someone and registered 3 persons am confused what do I do?

  9. henry nwokoro says

    i have not being match 4 a week now what can i do

  10. What if no one registered under me. Will I be paid

  11. anoderechukwudi says

    I have registered two people since two days now but they are still unmerged what will I do ?

  12. Uwakwe Abigail says

    pls am helpless,I hv paid someone & hv two downlines but my two down lines do not hv there’s yet,which seems an impossibility right now,pls what’s my fate?

  13. I can’t seem to log in after I have paid someone and registered 1 persons who have also paid somebody it was telling me Please enter a valid Username and Password i tried forgot password what was sent to my email was somebody’s username and password, i tried it again it teling me This Username Doesn’t Exist!!! am confused what do I do?

    • go to your email address you used for the registration and the username and password will be there. check in your mail box, ok

      • it not there, no email was sent to me. registered 1 persons who have also paid somebody it was telling me Please enter a valid Username and Password i tried forgot password what was sent to my email was somebody’s username and password, i tried it again it teling me This Username Doesn’t Exist!!! am confused what do I do?

    • check your email box, your user name and password will be there

  14. chriskelvin says

    how I can register someone under me so that I can be paid,
    I can login for 2days now please I need help…08137750875

  15. Pls how do I change ma password. Some1 opened it for me, n I want to change it

  16. I registered someone but didn’t see d account details of the person to pay to, it’s only his name that is there

  17. I registered someone without adding the person’s account details, pls how should I go about this

  18. I’m having a problem admin..i registered two people under me since 2days ago but they have not merge them till now..and they have been. Complaining bitterly ..please where is the problem coming from or what should I do
    Because others are waiting to be under them too…

  19. Please help me

  20. Nnamdi Francisca says

    How can I register someone under me.

  21. I joined and registered one person still no payment. Can you please help me with downlines???

  22. I just registered today but I didn’t see space for m to add my account details. hlp!
    & if my upline has not completed his four referrer doz it mean i cnt move t next level even when I ve referred up to 4?

  23. I registered through a friend since Wednesday this week and i happened to pay her because she told me that she is the suppose person. so I open my link that day with my user name and password she gave to me and it open only that day. am surprise it has not open again up til today. all I keep on hearing is network problem and I really need to register some people. please what should I do am upset since that day

  24. I registered some one but didn’t fill in her bank acc.and she has been merge.what’s,d solution

  25. kelvin Samuel says

    Pls admin, I registered someone under me, but the registration was not completed, ie, the he couldn’t key in his bank details, and he has already paid someone, and right now, he can’t login into his account, it keep showing username and password invalid. He has tried password recovery to no avail, pls what’s the next step to complete the registration?. Thank you.

  26. Admin can u tell me a bit on hw dis wrks?

  27. Tope AKERARa says

    Please am in a big mess I register someone when the network was not to good with the week. Her email is topeakerara2t2002@yahoo.com.
    Her ID is 575009. Please help she is on my neck because she has paid someone already. Have tried forgot username and password but no mail was sent to her. Thanks.

  28. Mary shawntel says

    Please when I click on my referral link to register someone my name doesn’t appear .

  29. Pls how can i login, some one register me but i can’t login?

  30. please i registered last week Sunday and i have just been paid once am i still going to be paid? I registered one person under me and another person under that person please reply

  31. pls help sm one want to register under and I don’t no how to register her

  32. pls how can reg sm one under me? am finding it difficult reg some one pls I need d procedures I have paid and was confirmed

  33. One of my down line registered but has not paid and the new ones have registered but cannot access their page (is not open for them to know who they have to pay to). pls help so that they can access their page because they have being hanging.

  34. Bro Good day bro please hw do i change my username on ultimatecycler.com

  35. Please what do i do my I have same account with thesame username and Link which was not so during registration they were two different thing altogether but now they have thesame reffereal link what do i do

  36. Onwuzu Augustina ogochukwu says

    Pls have been paid to someone over a week plus now but have not received my own payment though I didn’t bring anybody,wont I be paid?

  37. Please how can I do the $10 payment to upgrade please… I really need ur help

  38. Admin, pls i have registered and I have paid someone. Although I haven’t register anybody, pls ll I be merged and paid because I don’t have anyone to convince in the business.

  39. Please how can I do the 10 dollars upgrade payment in ultimatecycler

  40. Musa NuhuOGWAJE says

    More then one week now i registered, till now i didn’t get paid from anybody i don’t know if my account is working fine?

  41. Pls i want to know if someone who has been registered was not able to provide people can ultimatecycler networking provide for the person and for how long will it take for networking to provide and another thing pls can one request for people to pay them by ultimatecycler networking

    • yes, the company will pay him under one week plus but when d person registered people under him, he will get paid untime

  42. AGBANYIM Ngozi says

    If I register two people now am going to continue to register even to nest level

  43. Musa NuhuOGWAJE says

    Admin please i don’t know what is wrong with my account, since on the 19/11/2016 someone registered me till now i never get paid from anyone, please help me check my account.

  44. Pls I v jst registered but want to know where your office is thanks.

  45. Aliu Timothy says

    The person i registered is not matched for payment. It saying d suppose person has not been activated. And the person is waiting so that she can ve her own link

  46. i have registered, here is my referal link, you can register under me…. http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/sirambassador LONG LIVE ULTIMATECYCLER

  47. kelvin Samuel says

    I have checked the inbox and the spam, no message from ultimatecycler regarding his username and password. Could you pls resend the username and password. His name is kelvin Samuel, email is ksamuel365@yahoo.com, member I.D is 591728

  48. please admin I registered four people under me the same day that I registered myself only three people paid me and now they have assigned me to pay somebody else again without completing my own #50000, secondly those this one week of a thing works assuming my client did not register anybody will they still the person #50000.

  49. inerepamo david says

    Pls I cnt log in to my page nd av paid it Kips saying invalid username nd password even wen d login details I used is correct Pls help me rectify it

  50. inerepamo david says

    I av checked my email for d username nd password it’s dere I entered it but still saying invalid Pls help it’s frustrating av paid nd can’t login evn wen my details are correct

  51. Bernard chinyere says

    I can’t seem to login for 4 days now it’s saying invalid username and password. I tried using the forgot password tab it says a mail will be sent to me, but there was no email either in my inbox or spam what do I do? I used up my last money after so much conviction from my friends am stranded. Please any solution?

  52. taiwo balogun says

    For the past one week now I have not been given anything. How am I going to no those that were merged with me so as to get my own money because I have paid someone.

  53. have not received any payment is 5days now.. Pls must I refer poeple Co’s I was told that is not must

  54. Adimora Uche says

    I register some one but she forgot her password

  55. I registered and forgot my login details,cos i had a lot i was doing at the time.
    I have sent for retrieval of details to be sent through my email add i registered with..nothing yet.
    My add is pateyamba4real@yahoo.com
    Can someone help with useful info

  56. Somebdy register someone under can I still register d person through my referal link

  57. the site is case sensitive. if you used capital letter anywhere make sure you write the exact thing you wrote while registering otherwise it will not be recognised by the system.

  58. Pls how can i change my password,i believe dey would hv merged me nd i dnt want d person dat registered me to login to my account nd collect d money from d person to pay me

  59. I refer two people in my account dey use dey people to match me, why? because d things look somehw.

  60. Bethel chioma says

    pls I registered for this cycler and was merged to pay sumone which I did and after dt wen I try logging in,it says invalid username and password and I clicked d forgot password icon wer I was tld to enter my email and wen I did it says email does not exist but in my sponsor,s page,its the same email that appear and my link too is showing sum body else…the id is 489430,pls I nid u to rectify this issue kos am not comfortable.

  61. my upline is having issues activating my payment and my down line that was suppose to pay me the system choose another member due to my account is not yet activated. what next?,

  62. How can i change my password

  63. Tope Akerara says

    She said her email password is personal so what can I do. Email topeakerara2t2002@yahoo.com. Username akerara.

  64. i want to know by waiting for weeks does it works if i do not have the time to refer any body under me

  65. waiting for 2 weeks if i dont bring any body will i be paid or other wisw

  66. Is ultimate cycler a gambling business or mlm

  67. pls is ultimatecycler a gambling business?

  68. is there possiblity of someone being paid if he didnt register any one.

  69. Admin,pls if i registered now n i paid 12,500,hw long ll it take to pay me 50,000?

  70. Please i really want to know how the system pays us after a week without a space for registering our bank accounts

  71. precious chidimma says

    Admin, pls i need ur help i tried registering my downlines today, wasnt able to include one of my downlines bank infomation before submission while the other person d i wasnt redirected to dbsecond stage after creating d account and now i can’t edit their info page for correction and they have been pending. Pls what do i do now cos dey are on my neck

  72. Samuel emmanuel says

    What is the maximum nd minimum people to get b4 payment.Nd with people not being under you will i be paid.How much?

  73. Can someone change his or her email after used wrong one..i lost the password of the email,which i tried to recover bt no avail. Pls can i change to the one that i opened newly

  74. chiamaka lydia says

    Pls I can not register someone under me why

  75. chiamaka lydia says

    Pls I can not register someone under me why,and I can see join in my link

  76. i cant open my acct,, i have tried logging in a
    but invalid,, even my email is also invalid and i have downliners i just rgistered and pple who have paid me dat i need to confirm,, what do i do???

  77. Pls I don’t seems to understand the compensation plan. Pls can u help me with it, because when am introducing someone to the business they ask too many questions on about the compensation plan.

  78. How can I delete someone who refuse to pay me so that I confirm him, how can I delete the person

  79. Pls is really important someone register me BT I couldn’t pay in time now dey are blaming me that they losing money, what can I do,because I can see the person to pay anymore

    • you need to make a fresh registration and before then, you have to know that one of the policy states that ‘only serious members who can afford the paymentwithin 48 hours are allowed. this time be more careful

  80. please Admin, am finding difficulty to Reg friends under me through my link and my 2nd question,what if i dnt see any person to Reg, would i still be paid 50k maximum of 14days? please reply

  81. Please try to work on your site.

  82. Please, i have registered under someone for a week now but i don’t have people to register under me, but i have paid to someone’s account already, will i still be paid? And how long will it take cost its a week now

  83. Admin I have a problem I registered yesterday and made payment today I got my referral link after confirmation and I registered two people now their own payment is pending cos it’s saying the people’s details dey are supposed to make payment to cannot be displayed cos dey ve not activated deir account now dey are on my neck my question is wl dey be merged atall and will dis not affect my getting merged with someone to pay me? Cos I already payed y wl dey b merged with someone who has not paid and it’s not as if is one it’s the two of dem dey think am scamming dem now

  84. please adime is it. must that u most bring somebody before u get u payment.

  85. Esther Akada says

    Pls am helpless, I registered but did’nt add account number and now they are requesting for it but I dont know how to activate or edit it

  86. When trying to upgrade to level 2 ,How do I pay the $10 maintenance fee to the company Account. Pls guide me .

  87. please I have Registered BT I don’t’ see somebody to register under me.need ur help pls

  88. hello, the person i merge with giving excuse to confirm me after receiving my money

  89. Ogbu chinwendu says

    Admin pls me. I registered but wen I wanted 2 login, d system keep telling me invalid user name & password

  90. I can’t seem 2 log into my a/c evn tho I registered since mondaY n I av pple 2 register buh I can’t log in and I jst sent my info to support@ultimatecycler.com how long will it take to get my reply cos d pple am 2 register re on my neck

  91. nzekwe okechukwu says

    my friend registered me last week n I was emerged with him to pay him and I have payed him that very day and after two days I was emerged with another person to pay me since then I have not received any money pls emerged me with person that will pay me.

  92. How do I delete someone tht has been dued to pay for more than 3days now and also how do one upload the payment slip online as proof of payment and also many people depend on not bringing anyone..I hope they will be paid within tht 2weekks??? And has there been a scenario wen Someone who didn’t refer any one didn’t get paid?

  93. Please I found it very difficult to login

  94. Chidi Ekwuribe says

    Gud day Sir, please i registered person and other people where matched to pay the person which they have done, but i can’t login to confirm them. i have click on forgotten password and type my email which and send it says that the account details have been sent to my email, but when i open my email i did not see any email from ultimate cycler with my account details, i have done this severally to see if i will receive the account details emails. Please how can i recover my account details in order to confirm those matched to?

  95. Kolawole IBRAHIM says

    I had an issue did evening, after registering someone under one of my down line because mine has complete 4 , after d completion of d registration ,it did not bring out any merge account details to pay d 12500. Pls what do I do

  96. Admin, pls I registered somebody yesterday and it was activated because he made his payment. Try registering someone under him but the person to be paid was not displayed. Now how will the person know who to pay in to? This is a serious issue, need urgent reply, because I hv so many to register.

  97. I wolex1987 registered today, but I don’t know the next step that I will follow to who I will pay money to as well as how I will collect my money back cause I didn’t filling in my account info.

  98. Please how do I cancel a complaint I previously led.

  99. I registered someone under me and the response was THE report u sent is received wait for 792 days and some hours with out matching me with whom to pay, please how do i cancel this?

  100. Uzoma Daniel says

    Please I registered someone but the person didn’t see who to activate his account,what do I do?

  101. Admin help.my team mate is not matched and it showing error message that i should wait for 792 days

  102. please i have registered someone under me but on the last stage which i am supposed to click on THANK YOU did not show rather it showed me SUKURI

  103. pls admin i ve been registering people bt they are not matched to pay the 12500 pls wats the problem

  104. pls i ve registered people but none of then is being matched to pay pls wats the problem i need to activate the account

  105. ekpene daniel says

    pls i ve registered people but none of then is being matched to pay pls wats the problem i need to activate the account

  106. Hy

  107. Ozomadu yvonne says

    I registered someone when the network was bad and now when I checked my dashboard I discover she have been registered but can’t loged into her account use g her username and password I used in registering her. I also tried using forget pasward the system is telling me the email of the person does not exist what should I do.

  108. Hello pls I have registered but I haven’t been merged to pay anyone my dashboard is saying in 48 hours I will be merged

  109. Ozomadu yvonne says

    I registered someone but I can’t access the account of that person using her username, password and email address and the person really want to know who she is pay to old help me out

  110. D persons dat registered under those I registered, didn’t receive those to pay but they have been given the 48 hours notice. What are they to do.

  111. please help i register some one and he didnt see who he’s supose to pay to…..can i know the cause???please

  112. Please admin, I registered someone today, but I don’t know what I clicked on,and its showing that I filed complaints where its meant to show me who to pay to for the account to be activated, now the girl is on my neck,
    Her email address is Sweetlast912@gmail.com and her username is amarachidick , her

  113. Those I registered, registered other people but the newly registered can’t see those to pay to. Yet they have been given the 48 hours notice to pay.

  114. pls Admin i registered one person under me and dat person bring two people under her, now that two people said their no more interested, i now block them what will i do??, because i don’t knw hw to convince people so will i still be paid within two weeks??

  115. I registered 3 people under me and they have not been match, am confuse

  116. Pls the two people refers to pay me,have still not paid for more than three days what do I do

  117. Fist your site is poor. Secondly pls I need ur assistance. I registered someone but I can’t see who am to pay. I can only see a figure. Pls help. I have only 48hours

    • ok, tnks am just new in the system, the site is 2 month old. yes ur registration is successful, u just have to wait for 24 hours


  119. nweke odinaka says

    please i registered since tuesday last week through my friend of whom i paid 12500 because he said i was merged with him but up till now i have not been paid even though i have registered one person.what is the problem

  120. nweke odinaka says

    please i registered since tuesday last week through my friend whom i paid 12500 because he said i was merged with him and up till today i have not been paid even though i registered one person what is the problem

  121. Hello admin.registered 3pple under me n keep getting this message “message recieved by admistrator” and they were not matched to pay anyone.wat cud b d issue?

  122. Pls i don’t know how to register

  123. Couldn’t see whom am merged with. Can someone use my link. Wen my account isn’t yet active? And how will I knw whom am to pay 4?

  124. I registered a person under me but can’t find the person she is supposed to pay to. Please help me is urgent.

  125. Okeke David says

    Good day sir, i have a problem here. After i registered someone with a referral i was given, instead of the account i registered should direct me on whom to make payment to i didn’t rather it says that the message has been sent to the administrator and am given additional 48hrs to get the account activated. Sir i do not understand what it means. I need clarification on that.

  126. Iselekaye Tamarapreye favour says

    good morning. please I just joined yesterday and they keep showing this message ‘Your message has been sent to the administrator and you have been given additional 48 hours to have your position activated.
    You have already complaint 792 days, 15 hours, 35 minutes, and 6’ and I have never joined before. worst is I can’t see who am supposed to pay to. please what do I do


    Good morning.
    Good evening.

    I need help pertaining my account.

    Am unable to access my account.
    I had made payment and the recipient said he had confirmed my payment, bu it still shows I should should activate my account on my dashboard.

    And there is a member who is linked to pay me bu could not cos am yet to include my account details.

    I need help.

  128. hello please i want to upgrade to the 50 dollar nd 100 dollar, though am currently in lecel 3, but i want to know if i eventually upgrade to the 50 dollar portal, will i be requested to get another set of 4 persons to register with 50 dollar each, or i will upgrade nd they will pair me up with 4 persons

  129. Hello. I registered someone under me without changing the country and the account has not been matched to pay anyone..how can I change it and does the country affects who she is going to pay to

  130. pls admin I registered a person under me and it doesn’t display the person to be payed……it only say complaint has been laid..they are ready to pay but no name or acct number

  131. D person I registered under ws able 2 log into my a/c n register d pple I wanted 2 register for me buh I tried logging in frm my side still couldn’t tho she is in enugu and am in lagos what could d problem be now

  132. Chidi Ekwuribe says

    Gud day sir, u said that I should send mail to supportultimatecycler.com which I did but still never get any reply from support@ultimatecycler.com
    User name: ekwuribechidi

  133. Chidi Ekwuribe says

    Concerning my account details in my account that I cannot login to. The people are Demanding to collect their money they have paid bacik

  134. Okeke David says

    Good morning sir, the person i was merged with formerly who paid me already was merged again to pay me and his account will be blocked tomorrow. What can i do to rectify it sir?

  135. bright bere says

    why is your network server so poor

  136. Can I register more than four people?

  137. I registered four account d same day.myself n 3 other account under my link.two of d account was merged to pay d person DAT registered my account n d other 3 accounts.now I av paid d two DAT was merged with d person DAT registered me 25k already.n he has confirmed d payment.BT d 3 account DAT I registered under my link was not on my chain.is only one DAT I can see there.n up till now I av not b merged with anybody DAT will pay me.I did dis registration since on Tuesday. so is d problem n how can I get my money back.

  138. Chisom lucy says

    Sir please i am finding it difficult to access the site since today,it have been telling me be right back.Please what is the problem?

  139. Lawrence OTAHA says

    Good evening ADMIN, what do you have to say regarding the general failure of the network today? Some of us have paid and we are not been paid yet.

  140. Pls admin help me out am gting rily frustrated av sent my mail to support@ultimatecycler.com but still no response I registered since monday and am still unable 2 log in up till now I dnt evn knw hw I’ll gt paid if I can’t log in pls help me oo admin dis is driving me crazy plsss

    • the “invalid username and password” has become a stincky tool in our neck…. we are seriously looking for a way out to curb issues like that

  141. Ojo Olayinka says

    I have registered about 10people now and at the same time paid to someone but i have not been paid the complete money.Those that i want to bring in said they want to see if truely it works. Is there anything for those that are referring people to this platform if no something must be done about it.The web page can’t be open since morning why?I registered under solace heart.

  142. pls admin, if I delete someone due to payment issue, how long does it takes to b given another person ?

  143. Good evening
    pls Admin help mi out av registered n paid to someone and av referred two persons under mi as said by ultimate cycler buh nobody av bn merged to pay mi n its gtn to a week plus nw will the ultimate netwrkn system still pay mi n aw long will it take cos am confused.

  144. benjamin onyekwulunne says

    i want to register myself,how do i get the page for registeration

  145. prince uche says

    hello, please am scared i have paid to someone, what which i was trying to log in to my account to know if the person has confirmed me, and is indicating invalid username and password, please help me

  146. prince uche says

    hello, please my account is not opening is indicating invalid username and password. what do ido?

  147. Please share this info.
    If you have been an ultimatecycler for long, you would know that the website haven’t been perfected, thereby having issues of name swap, technical errors etc. When the site owners realised that the it’s growing big in Nigeria they did some site upgrade on Saturday and Monday. But the participants on Monday and Tuesday overwhelmed them and the site itself. So they decided to get everything right about it, that’s why since 9am today it has been down. Now it’s bandwidth is being expanded to accommodate more users on the site at the same time so the hitches experienced by participants will be reduced and site perfected.
    Ultimatecycler is strong dispel rumours that the system has crashed. It’s just a site upgrade.
    If you want to join ultimatecycler just send a whatsapp message to 08066178592
    This is the message that the site/program owners have for you.
    “Be right back.
    We are currently updating the site to give you a more pleasurable experience and will be back online shortly.
    Our update estimation is to be complete over the next 6 – 12 hours.”
    Thank you,

  148. Admin please I can’t login. Please what will i do

  149. seriously this site amendment is taking like forever, its past 12hours now and my referees are getting impatient. please i need to access the site so i can register them else they would take back their cash please what other options do i have??

  150. Pls I register abt 3 persons n they told me they don’t want anymore n I should refund their money wish I did .how can I change their email,phone number, n users name.pls I need reply urgently.tnks

    • are you the person that they paid for? you can edit their names and phone numbers, but not email through their profile

  151. Angel Okofu says

    It has been a week and some days I registered and av not been matched wit any body. Now I want to register somebody but d network is not good. what will I do or does it mean I will keep on waiting or wat?

  152. I have been paired for about a week with someone who has refused to pay i have called and left him series of emails and still have gotten no response.what should I do??I am worried

  153. Pls,v been trying to open my link to register someone but its showing error,is it bcus my email is same as my username.Wats d solution

  154. Oladipo Cynthia says

    Please ,someone was matched , with me and I call the person and he end up telling me that he does not know his username and password that someone help him to open it , and I have try to purge the preson and it was not going, so I try to login to my account yesterday, then I find out that the person is till on my martix . so I mistakenly press the mark receive and it mark automatically, how can I undo it please?

  155. Admin. Pls something happened and my account was merged with one of my downlines’. I managed to separate it but now we r sharing his username and referral code. My username and codes are both invalid. pls how can I get a new username or reverse the effect of what happened.

  156. Plz I try to log in to my account And I found someone’s else details there plz what those it mean?

  157. Pls I can’t login into my account

  158. i loged in and found out that my account has been harcked. i saw a deferent username, phone NO, email addres, refferal link. i later changed all of them but cant change the refferal link. i allso tryed to register some one true the refferal link that was given to me in my email but it didn’t work. am affraid to give out the reffal link that is on my profile becouse i don’t want to work for some one i dont know. please how can i change it?. or can i edit it?. or is it the username i should change?. if yes then how can i do it. i realy need help. people want to register. please help

  159. Pls admin because of money issue the two persons that are to pay me could not pay me how l my to delete then and still get my complete payment.

  160. MARVELOUS maurice says

    If i open my referre link I will not see my name rather i see an error was encountered and that the URL i submitted was disallowed and i have been registering people with the same link.please i need serious help because i want to register someone

  161. Adamson FALeelat says

    Before tge problem with the site i tried registering someome but it was incomplete due to the server.so i registered two other people undee me…only to find out i have theee direct referrals. That person was matched to pay me but we couldn’t access the account so he was blocked. He didnt even get any notification in his mail that any account was opened.we also tried the “forgot password”, still, nothing. Now that the site is working well, he is showing under one of my downline’s downline and that persona direct downline his under him. Worst thing is when that unaccessible account was matched to be paid to today. ALL THE MATRIX HAS SCATTERED!!!!……and its affecting a lot of things.

  162. ADMIN
    please it seams some one changed my user name or the upgrading did change it. EMMA68 is not suppose to be my username. the information i saw on my profile are not mine. please i don’t know what is going on. i tried contacting the person with the username EMMA68 and he said the account he is having right now is not his own allso that the username name on his profile is “udeze” which means udeze is also facing same problem. i believe something went wrong during the upgrading. please i realy need help here. people are waiting to register. i cant use someone’s else account. please i need my account back. my username should be “amange” not EMMA68. please help me out. i dont understand what is going on. am so confuse

  163. i am having some issues logging in to my account. i have tried forget password time without number yet, no email was sent to me.

  164. i registered two persons on 17th Dec, till date, they have not seen whom to make their payments to. what do i do?

  165. pls I am unable to access my matrix what
    do I do

  166. yusuf ashamo says

    please I don’t know what to do am having problem with my referral link oo after I heard that the sit is up again I log in into my account and immediately my phone went off and I charge it when I on it back I long in but is not logging so I saw EMMA68 so I type in my password so it long in but my username is scropo bt I now find out that my referral link have Change so I want to register some one today is another person that am seen on my referral link please how can I change it please help me out and I have already registered two people and I have not been paid

  167. It seems d system cannot Marge person cos up to a month now that I was able to get 2 people the system had not marge me with a single person

  168. pls if I want to register someone trough my link it will write invalid username.I don’t know what to do

  169. 100% real…, have you heard of ultimate cycler?? It gives you 50k after a week of investing just 12500 without requiring you to evangelize.


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  170. 100% real…, have you heard of ultimate cycler?? It gives you 50k after a week of investing just 12500 without requiring you to evangelize.


    Once you register you are paired with someone to whom you pay 12500

    Within 1 week, 4 new members are assigned to pay 12500 each to you which sums up to 50,000.

    Whether or not you introduce your friends, introducing people only speeds up your collection.
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  171. pls help me, my username change to the username of the person i register under me, mine is monica470 nd it change to Larry08 instead of monica470 what should i do, username is not on the account editing so i dnt knw how to change it bck to monica470, pls help!

  172. Pls I registered four person and they only match two to pay me while they match the remaining two to pay someone else so how will they pay me of my two cause they were suppose to match the four persons to pay me.

  173. One of my down line registered two persons I discovered they match them to pay somebody else instead of her am disturbed about that.or will they give back from spillover?

  174. pls admin i want to delete someone that supposed to pay me but she refused and said she is not participating again.
    how will i delete her from my metrix

  175. Edem michael says

    pls how can i delete someone that refuses to pay

  176. I paid over two weeks now but have not been confirmed, wat should i do so dat i can start registering people

  177. Bello Abidemi Olawunmi says

    For those who wants to newly join ultimatecycler,u can click on the link below in other to get registered…… http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/baolak88
    Here is my whatsapp number 07063430116 for more information

  178. How did i register 4d 12,500.what is d proccess ?

  179. Bello Abidemi Olawunmi says

    For those who wants to newly join ultimatecycler,u can click on the link below in other to get registered…… http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/baolak88
    Here is my whatsapp number 07063430116 for more informationB

  180. pls I want to change the email address that I used in registration as I don’t have access to it again.how will I do it


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  182. Admin
    pls i need to know how to check whom acctually i was matched with to pay cus my referrall said dey matched me to pay her and after d payment d site had issues i really need to know if truelly i was matched to pay her and how come i have’nt been matched to be paid since last month.

  183. OLADEJO Olayimika helen says

    Admin pls, I av paid someone and confirmed before they start to upgrade, even till now av not been paid, and I av registered 3pple under me. Pls assist me to be paid on time, it’s past 1month nlw

  184. NWOKE Christian says

    I am highly disappointed, some one Chang my email address that I can’t access my site,I was to move to level 2 but can’t log into my user name, plus how do I rectify this,my user name is simplicity111, my initial pass word is 07038420131,I will be great fun if you can help me out

  185. samuel igwe says

    I register people,they pay for activation but re angry that they ve not started receiving back funds.

  186. Access of $10 fees upgrade is being denied what is the problem.

  187. I have not been able to login into my account since after the upgrade. What could be the problem and what should I do about it.Secondly I have not received any payment.l have one person merged with me already.

    • Idorenyin Udeme Smith says

      Helo, for two weeks now since I registered and also register one person under me but uptill today nobody have been merged to pay me, what should I do and when will I be paid

  188. idara umoh says

    I cant access ma account after i recycled

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