USA Diversity Lottery 2019 | Enter the Official DV-2019 USA Green Card Lottery

USA Diversity Lottery 2019 | Enter the Official DV-2019 USA Green Card Lottery

The US Green Card Lottery Application Program, legislated by the US government, awards 55,000 US green cards to people from all around the world per year.

US Green CardThe US green card lottery application winners are selected randomly in a green card lottery process from a computer-generated list held by the US government. All 55,000 US green card lottery application winners are issued a US green card, authorizing them and their families to live, work and study in USA. The green card lottery application program is the easiest way to obtain a U.S. green card.

How do I apply for a Green Card in the Diversity Visa Lottery ?

Applications for the USA Green Card Lottery are accepted online only. In the past, paper applications with signatures and attached passport photos were accepted. In 2003, this process was changed by the United States Government and applicants may only apply online now. We have streamlined the online registration process, making it a fast, secure and reliable three step registration process that takes around 15 minutes for each applicant.

Canadian Visa Lottery 2017/2018 Application Form Is Now Online – Apply Here

The Online USA Green Card Lottery Application Process:

  • Check if you qualify
  • Pay the administrative fee for our services
  • Receive registration number and password to your account
  • Log into to your account to complete/change your information
  • Provide/upload photos of yourself and any co-applicant
  • We will crop and resize your photos so that they meet the diversity visa lottery requirements
  • We will submit your complete and error free application
  • Check online, if you won your Diversity Visa Green Card
  • Winners are notified by the US Government by mail, and by email from us
  • Winners receive advice on how to file the formal visa application, at no additional cost
  • Winners receive interview preparation advice, at no additional cost
  • We Accept Registration 365 Days a Year
  • Free Online Support by our USA Immigration Experts

Would you like to WIN a USA Diversity Visa Lottery Green Card?

      1) Apply for the Green Card Lottery here on the Official USA Diversity Lottery site!

     2) Receive your notification by mail if you have won the green card lottery.

     3) Receive your notification that you and your families green cards have been approved.

       You and your family receive your green cards.

       Move to the USA with your family where you now can work and live the rest of your life or as long as you                   choose.

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