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Citifund.org – Citi Fund – Citifund Register & Login: Good morning Nigeria this is a wonderful gift website just to boast income so what are you waiting for from the link below in mind that you can easily login and registration, Registration is quite easy to grow. Efforts fail.

FAQ: Citifund.org – Citi Fund – Citifund Register & Login

  1. Why CitiFund special ???
  2. CitiFund is a fast payment system designed in such a way that every member who provides assistance to people getting help. We have examined the system we found that some participants will register for aid, but end up defaulting on payments at the right time to make payments. This problem has been tackled by our system developers, so everyone will get the needed help by providing assistance to Citi community.
  3. How long does it take to pay
  4. At the time, pairing occurs in 36hours maintenance
  5. When I process for payment
  6. You enter only when you are not sure when you register to delay payment in itself.
  7. What is the Internet Appeal?
  8. Internet begging, begging your work upline to ensure you are not paying for these reasons.
  9. I think the money will not come until after the time elapses.
  10. I have lost money from other systems, prove me, and when I get paid will pay
  11. I chose the wrong category I want to go one zero less. So you do not lose your money due me, and I will pay you when

I pay

  1. Will you be going to mention upgrades
  2. We have a formidable technical team that monitors the system, if we suspect foul play in your account; we will red flag, to blacklist if you insist. This is to reduce the instances that would require the site to be offline.


  1. Golden . O says:

    Admin i registered since on wednesday 8th feb and av nt gotten any gh yet

  2. but the site is not coming up again

  3. Wait till when? The site has crashed

  4. That useless citifund you have carried people’s money and ran cos your site is now and my 40k is God go punish una

  5. Ukandu prince chidubem says:

    Pls what is the problem, over two weeks dis citifund website is totally down, I need to known.i have #180000,over there

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