www.gethelpworldwide.com – Get Help WorldWide Xclusive Benefits

www.gethelpworldwide.com  – Get Help WorldWide Xclusive Benefits

“Hello Faithful Participants will want to start with a huge thanks to all the advice and support we get through these trying times.

Get Help WorldWide Xclusive Benefits –  The past two days had taken its toll on every single GHW support team. It is not news that we are suffering from serious-funded campaign and everything we believe in. Competitors, saboteurs were deeply corroded our ranks, both in user base and pH database, making it extremely difficult to effectively manage the system.

Some of the potential problems include;

Increase of fake POP increased by over 800%

Invalid profile details (email, phone, bank account & bitcoin)

Registration of bogus account PHing them embarking on a media smear campaign claiming GHW wide Panicking members drowned support staff ticket tickets All this has led to protest or

dedicated members, all leading to delays in GH techniques found suitable pH payment.

Get help world wide xclusive benefits

Get help world wide xclusive benefits  – Help us fight back!

To fight this, we immediately began to develop a completely new portal design.

GHW Xclusive these features deeply embedded. Enforced email validation (No pH / GH without this)


One account, One Phone Number (members will be assigned to call a number to verify ownership),


NO pH / GH without confirmation of Ability to migrate all at GH the new system Unique account number and account GHW 10% matching each pH immediately registered to a member.


Your pH can not be activated until this is confirmed. This will help usweed out unserious, and drastically reduce FakePOP.

Defaulting Xclusive will completely erase your homes GH amount back from older platforms. Other severe penalties m. Direct access to your Visitors contact details,

answer all support tickets, and a party leader reporting your Visitors misconducts, this will reduce the load our support team and speed

up issues resolution Introduction of ePIN, a 4-digit PIN known only to

you can use a bank account, bitcoin address repairs


Launch a GHW Forum for all members to communicate and interact with each other.

Score may now be used to determine the bonus amount (eg 30%, 40%, … 5%, etc.) These are just a few selections for the new GHW

Xclusive Portal launches on the 20th of the month of March. We urge all faith members do not listen to

propaganda continue to redeem them adapt and implementing other, even if GH is delayed.


We will not let you lose money. This is our  promise to you. We also thank all the recommendations, and they lay the foundation GHW Xclusive See you all on the 20th March

GHW Xclusive – join now and register


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  2. Favourng says:

    Ghw should allow participates to GH % from their OGH and not % from what they Ph.
    If at all they want % of ph from OGH it should be indeed.
    OK. If you said,10% of OGH, isn’t #2000 people are getting.
    It’s only #2000 for some, who have #20,000 and not for everyone.
    Ghw, you re not abiding by what you said at all on March, 2017

  3. okoye Ifeyinwa says:

    Why am I finding it difficult to log on in xclusivegethelpworldwide. Com

  4. GHW Admin, should let know the happening pls

  5. Pls I am finding it difficult to log in why?

  6. I and my wife haven’t been able to log on since this week. what’s the problem? it’ll be nice to know why as we have made payments and awaiting confirmation before this happened. Thanks.

  7. Christabel Ike-Okonta says:

    Its high time we begin to read the hand writing on the wall. Get help world wide has gone for good. This is one platform I respected a lot. They tried their best although.

  8. Good day Sir
    I have invest all my life savings in d systems, whenever I want to GH that’s when issues always arrived.
    Pls kingly ratify d problems so that we can GH of our money and PH again
    Up till now we cannot have assist To d systems and am overly worried
    Pls we are waiting ur ability so that GWW will come back to life

    • Gethelpworldwide is a ponzi scheme and we are advise to use our spare money to invest. so I cant really tell the progress of GHW Coming back again.. we just need to Pray

  9. I can’t just believe this….I have plot all my money in this platform…pls is ghw stillI coming back….omg

  10. ABODI OLADIPO says:

    Am ecountering dificulties in login to GWX

  11. Hahahahahahaha o knew this will happen the moment they matched me to pay 10% after a day I provided help and the next day they matched the whole Money and I refused to pay bcos is clear to me that my money won’t make it out alive hahahahahahaha. Ones bitten twice shy.

  12. David john says:


    God is alive ,l have over five million in the platform. if you feel you siphoned my hard earning money. GOD’s wrath will be upon you and your generation no room forgiveness unless you return God fearing money participants!

    Heaven and hell are real!

  13. David john says:

    kelly and admin!

    you shut down as July 16,2017 hoping to get ride of virus that get rid of the server, you siphoned over five million of mine and down line.

    mind you the wrath of God will not depart from you and your household and your generation. the earth you walk/work upon will be against you in Jesus name except you pay back my money in Jesus name!

    Heaven and hell are real!

  14. David john says:

    heaven and hell are real!

  15. David john says:

    kelly and amin!
    you siphoned my money -over five million naira! you and your generation will ever face God wrath forever in Jesus name!

    heaven and hell are real!

  16. john david says:

    Tunde Moses,Mary Kehinde, Mark Okoroafor and host of others

    God will visit you and your generation with greatest wrath except you return my God giving/hard earning money soonest

  17. you guy dupe me in sum of 83000,REFUND MY MONEY since 2017,
    if u insist not.

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