www.helpfundme.com – helpfundme.com Registration and login details – Registration & Login (helpfundme.com)

www.helpfundme.com – helpfundme.com Registration and login details – Registration & Login (helpfundme.com)

Traffic your campaign on HelpFundMe.

Raise money Online

HelpFundMe – Traffic was helping people money so they can bring their ideas to life. Everyone in the world will have the opportunity to raise money for their cause or campaign. A HelpFundMe, everyone can! People all over the world can use the platform to raise Bitcoins or informal money for all types of ideas. Invite friends & family to donate & help spread the word about the campaign. To raise money online for a personal, public, non-profit or surgical projects.No matter what you are raising money for, you can start now!

Create Your Campaign – It Simple

A HelpFundMe creating a campaign is easy. Let people know why your campaign deserve to be funded. State contributions you. Tell them how they can help you, and put them to return to donators.

How do I get paid?

HelpFundMe – You can get your subscription sent directly to your PayPal account or a transfer to your bank account or we can send you a check. Remember, you owe us money, you raise money.

There is a limit to how much money I raise?

No at all! HelpFundMe users can raise as much money as they want. Your page will continue to accept donations even after the goal was met, until the end of the day.

Global Exposure

HelpFundMe help you spread the word about the campaign. Use social media tools as you launch your funding campaign and start sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and encourage people to ‘like’ your campaign to spread the word.

Team Work

Fold your efforts. Campaign teams raised more money than those run by a man. Put together a team with family & friends especially if they are large social networks This way you can reach a significantly larger number of people quickly.

Renewal & Communications

Update often, travel, communication & inspire people to donate to the campaign.

Communication with supporters. Send thank you notes to everyone who donates. Make sure your fans know what is going on with the campaign. Update often, people who donate a small amount at the beginning of your campaign is likely to donate more later on if you keep them updated. Even after your fight ended, send an update every now & then on how the work is going.

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