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www.Hikecash.com Login – More Cash Register: Guess which is quite amazing and nice to tell you that this grant scheme Reliable website, you know that you can make more money from the comfort of your home , now read on the floor and try yourself.


The system was created by a team of enthusiastic volunteers professionals who want to overcome the routine and create a platform that will work in the market not only to business success but for humanitarian and financial stabilization works.


We believe that the power of life and routine you want to work with or rely on anyone to cash.


To provide systems and support needed to help our members achieve.


The well being of the community increase the lead. The dedicated members beat us stand out from the crowd, as we develop people for eternity responsibility in a real-time process.

www.Hikecash.com Login – Hike Cash, Register

Asked questions

Frequently asked questions from visitors. Hope you find the answer to your question here.

Q. What is Hikecash?

A. Hikecash is a peer-to-peer with another gift to help fund the scheme to members to help other members in an efficient way. Using this scheme, members give and receive help from each other.

Q. What is the purpose of Hikecash?

A. Hikecash was created to promote the greatest good, with a particular emphasis on helping the person. Its Connect people through a grant to provide financial support to each other and everyone is helped.

Q. Do I have to do?

A. There are no obligations to you earn. The system was designed to work with you.

Q. What is the difference between Plans?

A. The different platforms are categorized to accommodate the specified gift amount. The largest project, the more money you can earn?

Q. I sent a gift BUT MY Visitors GAVE ensure IT?

A. Please, you need to contact support with proof of a gift, I mean, a scanned copy of the teller or Transaction details made payment upload. Simply upload the document and send it to payment@hikecash.com for research and support team.

Q. If one is made to pay ME didnt pay, what next?

A. As long as you are fit, the system removed and placed immediately after the game and passed the time commitment is typically 24 Hours.

Q. Who is eligible to Join Hikecash?

A. No age and gender barrier into Hikecash. Adjust benefits and contributions are made to the worlds

Q. Can I get multiple Account?

A. Yes. But the system will require additional user name and email for verification and validation. Bank details, names and mobile numbers can be thesame. Who cares?

Q. How long does it take to receive a salary?

A. It depends on the flow of members into the platform. You can go and get paid the same day. It is usually on or before 14 days.

Q. Is there a Setup Fee?

A. No, Hikecash Constitution that allows 100% free.

Q. How do I receive my payment?

A. Once you have provided, and are fully activated by your support, then you are confident to achieve 2 donations either through bank payments, transfer, or cash

Q. What is the Activation Code?

A. Activation code is generated to show the front of users who can use the player to receive payment from a donor. The activation code is kept secret for security reasons.

Q. How many times I allowed to go and get help?

A. The number is unlimited. You can get help as many times as you want. Every time you get full support hikecash (HC) was created. The HC ends when you receive help. You can create as many HC as you want.

Q. HOW I go ??

A. There are three ways in which it can participate.

www.Hikecash.com Login – Hike Cash, Register

It has been shown that the invitation to participate, sponsor must be your full name, email ID and mobile number to fill out the registration form. The minimum registration, SMS and Email messages sent containing your email ID and mobile number (both as the user name), and generated password. The password and user name are subject to change while logged in.

The link is called analogue, but it is more convenient to attract new members through the Internet (Facebook, Twitter etc.). A man by the way, through your referral link will be automatically redirected to Hikecash Register page. After registration has been made in supporting the brand fee is added to your profile you can inwish cash later. Each of your game and what he paid is toping up N500 whcih you can see on the front.

In the event that you were not invited anyone, then you can go to http://www.Hikecash.com and click on Sign-Up / Join Us. To protect referred directly Administrator system will automatically make you a member.

OUR packages

Choose from a change package below:

BASIC Package

₦ 10000


Make ₦ 10.000 Donation

Receive ₦ 20.000 Donation

24 – 120 Hours

BASIC Package


SILVER Package

₦ 20000


Make ₦ 20.000 Donation

Receive ₦ 40.000 Donation

24 – 120 Hours

SILVER Package


GOLD Package

₦ 50000


Make ₦ 50.000 Donation

Receive ₦ 100.000 Donation

24 – 120 Hours

GOLD Package


platinum Package

₦ 100000


Make ₦ 100.000 Donation

Receive ₦ 200.000 Donation

24 – 120 Hours

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