www.loopersclub.com – register & get 100% in 14 days loopers club Nigeria

www.loopersclub.com – register & get 100% in 14 days loopers club Nigeria – Loopers Club is a free platform where you get 200% (two) of the money in 7-14 days. Loopers Club as TwinKas where you get 200% of the money in a few days and the cool thing is you do not have to do missionary work to do, matching variable.

You can choose a package when registration

  • N5,000 package -> to get N10,000 (N5K from 2 people)
  • N10,000 package -> to get N20,000 (N10K from 2 people)
  • N20,000 package -> to get N40,000 (N20K from 2 people)
  • N50,000 Package -> to get N100,000 (N50K from 2 people)
  • N100,000 Package-> to get N200,000 (N100K from 2 people)
  • N200,000 Package-> to get N400,000 (200K from 2 people)

Note that you cannot always repeat after completing a cycle

Contact recipient to pay.

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Also, you will get 15% when you reach a platform but must …


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  1. I love this site

  2. Fraudsters. Especially with this stunt they just pulled by closing people’s account.they cant login nothing.swindlers

  3. Joseph Tosin says:

    It’s seems things are getting better now. My account is been updating. Thanks Loopers club.

  4. Joseph Tosin says:

    Hello Loopers club, uptill now i have not been merged. kindly help resolve.

  5. pls loopersclub pay like i hv paid someone naw!! its been well over 2wks and i paid 10k. I tot they said 7-14days. why is mine 20days?

  6. Please dear loopersclub i have paid since 11th this till now you have not merge me. Thank you for understanding

  7. Dear loopersclub what is happening since on the 11th febuary that i have paid i have not been merg.

  8. adesola says:

    looperclub please remember me ooo i have not seen anything yet you said within 20days and is more than 20days now.kindly assist.

  9. oluchi Olalekan says:

    loopas pls I paid 50k to someone am assigned to since 11/02/2017 for the first , since then I have not been paid.

  10. Akano olaitan Olanrewaju says:

    Please loopers remember me o I’ve paid someone over two weeks now I ve not been Marge ,and now they are sending me another person for payment what happen to my first #20,000

  11. Akano olaitan Olanrewaju says:

    Please how do I do that there is no option to do it

  12. Akano olaitan Olanrewaju says:

    The website of loopers is not Reach’s again, what is happening ?please let me known my #20,000 has not been plaid.

  13. Akano olaitan Olanrewaju says:

    I can’t log in again ooo the website I not reachable again what do I do my #20,000 has not been paod

  14. patrick okwori says:

    Hello Loopers,

    Please do something because for a month plus now i have not been merged while i have 100,000.ook with my interest making 200,000.ook.
    what is the way forward.

  15. oluwabi olakunle ibukun says:

    I v paid some1 I was merge with 50k since feb till now v not been paid now we are in May making it 3 month please help n am a first timer.

  16. Akano olaitan Olanrewaju says:

    I ve be paid someone the sum of #20,000 since February , up till now i did not receive any thing , I can’t even log in please loopers this is my first time

  17. Victor ezechi sunday says:

    Loopers pls pay me my money back forget d intereste my money is #350,000,three hundred & fifty thousand naira only.

  18. Yakumbur Msuega says:

    The time had paid 50,000, second twenty thousand naira, and I didn’t see sisi till the site shut down.

  19. cecilia ezekiel says:

    I paid 200 thousand naira to some people last year 2017, till now April,2018 I didn’t hear nor see any thing, loopers pls,what is going on?

  20. hmmmm all this I don’t think there’s a way forward

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