www.onebogoz.com Registration on OneBOGOZ with N1,000 to make N13,500 – See Details Now on Calendergist

Did you know about this platform called OneBOGOZ via www.onebogoz.com Registration on OneBOGOZ. have you tried making payment into it once.

Well, let me bring to your notice that this OneBOGOZ is a very Big Scam. If your about to make payment into this platform, kindly desist from them

After registering through a referal link, the next thing is to make payment of 1000 to one of their member.

Lot of people have fallen victims, so am just here to expose them because am also affected. They are 100% fake and unreal.

If you’re planning to register, then thank your way out of here because they are pure scammers.

I don’t have much to say, but a lesson to all of us is that we should always be careful with all this scammers and their online platform.

Don’t easily give in because the money is so cheap. They are using that system to scam thousands of people on daily basis.

However, always endevour to read about any online business before venturing into it because they are there to make money from you.

Greedy and Wicked people have planned making cool cash through another persons sweat. So, there are alot of opportunity for you without getting in the hands of these Scammers like OneBOGOZ and others.

As i said ealier, i have been a victims anyway, that was why calendergist wants to expose them now.

If you have similar case like mine, quietly tell us about it below the comment box so that other people can learn from it as well.


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